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Sleep Training Is It Really Possible?

I have had consultations with parents who have had 7 and 8 month old babies who are still getting up one or two times a night for a feeding.  I have also had parents of 2 and 3 year olds calling me becau...

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Emily Rubens
Baby Nurse, FL
Emily helped us with a number of issues within 3 days they had all been resolved. Sleep schedule and skin issues were a constant and disturbing problem. We now have a happy and healthy bab...
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MamaViews is a review site where you can research and find a great baby nurse, doula, childbirth class or lactation consultant. You can search for support and get real feedback from moms like you. Our mission is to help you feel more informed, making your pregnant and new-mom life a little bit easier.

Don't know where to begin?

Want to know what interview questions to ask a baby nurse or doula, or what to expect from them once you hire them? Not sure what types of childbirth classes are out there, or what kinds of help a lactation consultant provides? We’ve got answers! In fact we also like to think of our self as an educational resource and community for moms—so check out our resources section!

How we got started...

Our founder Melissa is a new mom who started MamaViews after having her daughter. When Melissa was pregnant she found limited resources to research and find support. There were websites and online networks (boards, blogs, etc) for nannies and babysitters, but no solid resource dedicated to helping parents find prenatal and postnatal support. As a first time mom Melissa was a bit overwhelmed and felt like she was operating in a black box. So she started MamaViews so that other moms would have an easier, more informed experience.

And congratulations!

If you are on this site you are likely expecting or just had a baby so congratulations! We hope you find our site to be a useful resource.